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Proof that I don't only write about giant fat birds
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Life in Einbroch is grand, many new technologies are coming in every day and I am proud to be a part of it.
Recently, I invented a new type of weapon, a machine gun with an electronically rotated barrel. Its actually rather simple, its just a powerful motor with a very dense battery, the increasing lightness of the new steel also helps.
However, my works aren’t perfect, politically that is.
“Look, I don’t care for what is good about it, this invention could start wars!”
“NO BUTS! I don’t care if the best of the best can use it. You may have good intentions with your weapons, but the damage this weapon could cause in wars!”
“The force of the bullets is not enough to penetrate armour though!”
“Who says they won’t at close range”
“See my point?”
He did have a good point; this weapon could easily start wars, compared to the old manual guns.
“I’ll tell you what; I’ll get the weapon transported to Geffen, to be held under strict security. In the future, perhaps become an example to a step in the evolution of weapons, deal?”
“Deal, but uh…”
“Like I said, no buts.”
I gave him all my blueprints, and other related work, such as the gun itself. But considering the design is so simple, it would not take long for someone else to invent it.
One week later.
There is knocking at the door. Who would be knocking at this time of night? Besides, I did put a doorbell there.
“Who is it?” I yelled from my bed, I had a small home, so not reason to really get out of my bed. Plus I was still half asleep.
“From who?” I did have a electronic communication system, sure, it does not support speech yet, but one day I will improve the design and get off the system of beeps.
“The king.”
Explains a lot, I let him in.
“I guess my Peco stays out.”
“Well, my house is a bit small.”
“Nice lot of inventions.”
“Most of them are really nothing much.”
“Uh, anyway, the King wishes to inform you the gun has been stolen.”
“Wait, what? I thought they had it completely protected.”
“They were transporting it through Orc and Goblin territory, when you have 200 of so of them onto you it is not a pretty sight.”
“Ah, what if they replicate it?”
“Hah, unlikely, the best they, the goblins that is, can do is handguns and steam engines… but most of their steam engines are so unstable that one tap will break them, and well, make them explode. The Orcs didn’t even bother, they have too much pride to use anything apart from Axes and Swords.”
“Er, would you think they can remake my gun?” Silly question, but I am not so well taught on Goblins.
“Unlikely, but it depends on what you used.”
“I used a battery as a source of electricity, and it’s recharged by solar power, the only city with any real sources of electricity are Einbroch and Geffen anyway.”
“Well, your design should be safe, and if anyone did try to get it, they would have one heck of a time, there is a goblin with the original steam engine, which somehow got converted into a device of flight and your gun will also be on it. It will be hard for anyone to get your gun.”
“Well, I’ll be off. Thank you for your time, and uh… here is my address in case you interest anything that might interest me.” He got some paper and wrote the address down. “Goodbye!”
And with that he was off, on his Peco.
Several months later
Ah, my life is so complicated, building guns one month, building a rail line that spans from Einbroch to Aldebaren the next. It will be one heck of a construction; I plan to build the line from Einbroch to Yuno first to make the delivery on materials much easier in the long run, I than plan to go from Aldebaren and have the line finish there.
“Boss, we have news on the design and its approval!”
“They, uh, want you to add more armour to the design.”
“WHAT? I’ve already pushed the limit to what the steam engine to do!”
“I… have an idea.”
“Hmm? I’m all ears.”
“Make an oil powered engine, it is much more powerful than a steam based train and if the engine is big enough, around the same size as the steam engine is right now, it could easily pull the armour needed with power to spare.”
“What about the rail lines, they will literally be crushed by the armours weight.”
“I thought of that, we should make Orichedon lines, we have to anyway, they want us to.”
“Hmm, okay… and the cost of this operation now?”
“It will be around… 750 million zeny.”
“That’s nuts! Will the government even have the money?”
“They’d better.”
“I just don’t understand what’s so wrong about airships.”
“Rune migard is still a bit spooked about the Glast Heim incident, even after all of these… 100 years now?”
“Hmm, I’ll go to the government, keep my office clean.”
Than I left to the Einbroch hotel.
“Than your stupid, you’re the one forcing this onto yourself.”
Ah, politics and money, the worst combination in this world.
“Okay… that’s a good point, plus we have a 2 billion surplus from the taxes… I’ll trust you on this.”
“I just wish that Rune would let another airship go into the international skies.”
“Me too…”
“So the line is go?”
“Yes, now go back to the office, you need the rest.”
And with that, the conversation ended. I went back to my office to tell my assistant that it is finally approved.
Two weeks later
“It took us a week John but we are finally here, the border security of the two lands.”
We decided to take a walk along the whole distance of the line, it was luckily peaceful but we had our guns ready when needed.
“The contrast between the ground itself is just… drastic…”
“Indeed it is.”
“Come on, let’s go and get a rest at Aldebaren.”
So we decided to go through the security, it is usually empty now days, except for a gate opened by a worker, electronically. The easiest job in the world.
“There he is! The man wanting to build the line!”
The yelling came from a distance, and obviously not happy.
“He will pollute our world!”
Than the whole crowd of… 50 people or so began chanting, they were all readily armed.
“Uh, Rocker, it’s probably a good time for us to leave.”
“Good idea.”
And we both ran away on our Peco.
And than several or so people came running at the gate, I kept an eye being us, than…
“They are shooting at us!”
Thank you Rocker, when I am barely dodging arrows being shot at me, I am pretty sure I am being shot at. The people running at us were now at the gate now, and despite its strength, the gate was broken in a matter of seconds.
“Get armed Rocker, your going to need to.”
And we proceeded to get our guns out, he got a shotgun and I got a rifle.
“I’ll snipe them until they come close and you shoot them with the shotgun.”
It’s a simple plan, I just hoped it would work. Several people were approaching us now, around 3 of them. I took aim and got one right in the head, he fell off his Peco and was out of the game. I than focused my aim at number 2, shot and got his hand, he let go of his sword and screamed in pain, dropping his two handed sword completely in the process…
“Uh, John, I think that Knight has gone completely berserk.”
“How could you tell?”
“I shot him ten times already.”
The third Knight was coming up now; he was screaming and just about ready to swing his long sword like no one’s business.
“I’ll use the grenade launcher. Just run Rocker!”
“Just do it!”
And with that my assistant was off. My Peco was still running, it made the loading of the gunpowder into the launcher difficult, but I put as much as I could in, I needed as much force as I could, than I put the grenade in, closed and locked down the cap… and took aim. He was only 5 meters away now. Than, I shot. It was obvious I hit something because I heard a big splat. I looked behind me and saw he was gone, transported back to his Kafra of choice. The services of life now days. I finally caught up to John.
“That was a close one.”
“No kidding, er, want to go back to Einbroch now?”
“Excellent idea Rocker, excellent idea…”
By nightfall we desperately needed the rest, we set up camp and had dinner.
“Great, more Goat mean, yummy.” Rocker was being sarcastic, of course.
“Well, it saves on us having to eat dried fruit and so on.”
“Good point.”
We ate up our Goat meat, cooked of course and went to the tent.
Another week later.
“Protesters? That’s not helpful.”
“They kept on going on about the pollution, most of it came from steam engines, oil is so much cleaner.”
“Indeed it is John, but sadly people aren’t easily convinced. On a different note, have you got any new weapons for us?”
“Indeed I do, I present to you, the repeating grenade launcher.”
“Ah, so no reloading?”
“Yeah, basically I put the gunpowder inside the shells, completely redesigned the shells to be like bullets and allow them to go down repeatedly thanks to gravity, much like my electronic machine gun but manually operated.”
“It would overheat and explode, if repeatedly fired too much, so manual is kind of a necessity.”
“Ah, have you told the King this yet?”
“No, he’d just take it off me straight up.”
“Ah, I’ll talk to him about that, I don’t want another blunder like last time. However he is not stupid, he either will transport it some other way or let you keep it. Either way, when we go to Prontera, we will present him the weapon.”
“You can go home now John, I have some other work I need to do.”
“Ah, okay, goodbye.”
“To you too.”
So I went home, packing my bags, the President, Rocker and I would be going to Izlude by airship tomorrow than walking to Prontera.
The next day
“Now boarding to Izlude!”
Of course we already knew that, plus we were on the airship already, being with the President does have some bonuses.
“Ah, its been a while since I’ve gone out of my country.”
“Same with me, the closest I’ve been to outside of this country is Aldebaren, I have relatives there.”
“Oh? Do tell?”
Rocker and the President were conversing, I guess our President was just more social than the others we have had in the past. Though, not many people really know his name, must be something embarressing.
“Well, my perants live there and you know how they can be when they visit regulary.”
“Indeed, but at least I have a good excuse to get out of it.”
And they burst out laughing.
“The airship is now setting off to Izlude, be sure to keep all bodily parts inside the airship at all times and any suicide attempts will result in permanent banning from any airship operated by Rune Migard.”
Probably the only major piece of modern technology that country has.
“Well, at least I know they liked their birthday present.”
“I was wondering how Rune got an airship.”
“Well, it was way before I was around so uh, yeah, don’t ask me.”
For our President, he had a lack of knowledge for our countrys history.
“Well, the costume seems to work.” I finally commented.
“Indeed, who would have thought that civillian clothing could be so comfortable.”
“Well, it needs to be considering how cold it gets up here.”
“Hey guys, look down here!”
Rocker urged us to come to the railing.
“Everything is so small.”
“Well, it’s to be expected when we are around a kilometer or so off the ground.”
I probably should not have said that, Rocker had a sudden look of shock on his face.
“One… kilometer?”
“Your first flight?”
“Attention all passengers! I have a time open for when we will arrive at Izlude. We till arrive in half an hour. Thank you!”
Must be because of all the passengers on board, plus old airships are usually very slow anyway. Than again, it is more durable than most of the ultralights I’ve seen being designed.
“Hey, Rocker, John, want to grab some breakfast?”
“Sure,  what are they serving?”
“Bacon and Eggs.”
“Nice, where is the food cabin?”
And the President pointed towards the rear of the airship.
“Through that door. John, want some?”
“Sure, want me to cover the cost?”
“You know I have more than enough money to cover a thousand roasts.”
“Well… fine.”
I guess it was kind of silly to offer to pay for the Bacon and Eggs, the President could easily pay for it if he wanted to anyway. So we walked to the food cabin, Rocker was already there.
“Have a watch on you John?”
“Yes, it is…” I checked the time, “8am.”
“Ah, thanks.”
We did kind of wake up early, but this was the only time the airship ran directly to Izlude. When we finally got in we sat at the table with Rocker. We talked, we waited and after a minute or so.
“Hello, welcome to the food cabin, may I take your order?”
“Yes, all three of us would like Bacon and Eggs, is that okay with you two?”
Rocker and I shaked our heads in agreement.
“Okay, anything else?”
“Orange juice would be nice.” I asked.
“Me too please.” Rocker this time.
“I’ll just take some water.” And finally the President.
“Okay, I’ll deliver these orders to the Chief.”
Thankfully it wasn’t too crowded; our order came quickly after about five minutes.
“Please enjoy your day!”
And with that, the order lady left after giving us our plates. We ate up our breakfasts and just in time too.
“Attention passengers, we are going to board at Izlude in around 5 minutes, please get your bags and other belongings ready.”
“Our bags are being protected in this airships storage, can never be too careful, we wait outside the airship when it lands, I explain I am the President and get our bags.”
Sounded like a plan, we waited at the exit of the airship, waiting for it to land along with a crowd of around 30 other people, one of them a Crusader and his Peco with some really thick armour.
“What’s with him?” I asked a flight attendant, pointing towards the Crusader.
“Oh, he wanted on whatsoever, he seemed desperate, we assumed the airship could carry his armour, of course it could, but as you could see by slow flight, it was barely making it, we had to carry extra coal in our reserves.”
“Ah, thank you.”
Well, I was mainly just curious, nothing serious.
“We have landed at Izlude; please enjoy your day safely.”
And with that, the announcer turned off the megaphone. When we got off the airship, we waited for the crowd to die down and than the President approached a flight attendant.
“Excuse me, I am the President of the Republic, up north.”
“Yeah right, and I am the queen of Rune Migard, up north west.”
The President looked at us with a frown.
“Rocker, John, this could take a while, wait for me at the weapon shop.”
So we walked off, hearing the argument behind us as we walked off.
“I even have the legal documents right here!”
“Hah! Forged ‘photocopied’ stuff I assume, you need more proof than that, I know you Einbrochians have that sort of technology.”
We looked at each other, annoyed.
“At least we have some free time.” Rocker finally mentioned.
“Good point, they are probably running some sort of event here anyway.”
“Lets wait at the weapon shop first, knowing him, he will have some way of forcing our luggage out.”
So we went to the shop, to wait for him. It was fairly crowded.
“Lots of new Swordsman, eh?” Rocker commented.
“Well, it is summer here, a much better time to start then winter.” I replied.
“Oh yeah, I forgot the change of hemisphere, no wonder its so warm.”
We looked around, well, I mainly, Rocker was not much of a sword person.
“Oh, Slayer at half price!”
“Don’t bother Rocker, its just gonna break the next day.”
“Oh, and how do you know?”
“I DO pioneer weapons technology you know.”
“Good point.”
I looked around, and was surprised to see a counter selling…
“You sell amunition?”
“Yep.” The woman behind the counter replied.
“Hm… I’ll buy eight boxes.”
“Oh, will you take that as a bulk buy?”
Wow, they must not sell ammo here much, I mean, at Einbroch, eight boxes is not considered too much.
“Okay, totalling at… 3500 zeny. Is that okay?”
“Yes, thank you.”
I got the bag of boxes and went back to Rocker, he appeared to be watching something.
“What you watching?”
“They are having an archery competiton.”
“Oh, have you considered entering?”
“Nah, they don’t allow guns.”
“I’ll enter than.”
“Okay Mr. Pioneer.”
I went to the counter and asked to register for the competition.
“Hah, with that Rifle?”
“No, with a bow.”
“Hah, fine Mr. I can do anything slinger.”
This Mr. Insert name here thing is going to get really annoying.
“Okay, here is the bow, here is the arrow and the target is through the window, if you can get dead center the prize is yours.”
I took aim, its obvious this bow has been used a lot, its worn out, and the arrow was not of the best quality but I was pretty sure my aim should work. I aimed and shot.
“Aww, sorry buddy, you missed, two goes left.”
That’s lucky, he passed me another arrow and I took aim, shot and.
“Congratulations! I never expected someone to hit with such a crappy bow. Which is why I had this prize.”
I went to under the counter and got a rather heavy looking box out.
“Who said only Einbroch made guns, I’ve have a pure Orichedon machine gun right here, split into two halfs, the barrel and the motor, just clip it on.”
“No stand?”
“It is a two man gun, how else would a man carry something so heavy, I nearly broke my back getting it off the ground, do you have a friend here?”
I signalled to Rocker to come over.
“So you’re his friend, well, you need to help him carry his prize. Now get outa here, I need to get a new weapon made for the next competition.”
And with that, we were off, both carrying a rather heavy wooden box.
“Whats in it?”
“Machine gun.” I said grunting.
“You gotta be kidding me.”
“Don’t worry, we are getting a cart anyway because of the luggage.”
So we struggled a bit more with the box and made it out of the weapon shop, and we saw the President waiting with out luggage, obviously worn out on a bench.
“Oh great, more heavy stuff, the coach will break under the weight alone… I should have specified to wait OUTSIDE the weapon shop. What did you buy anyway?”
“Actaully, I won it, it’s a two man machine gun made completely out of Orichedon, Rune Migard is finally catching up.”
“And so will the air quality.”
The President and I looked at Rocker.
“Lets face it, the air is much cleaner here.”
“Well, I guess the protesters have some justification… but we are building an oil based engine! The pollution output is much lower than ordinary steam engine. Still, the people are going to be difficult to convince, they can’t stay unindustrialized forever, this city is a perfect example.”
We looked around, indeed it was a mix of old and new times, Swordsman acadamy on one side, Gun shop on the other. That reminded me.
“I should pick up some materials, my shells need building you know.”
And with that I went to get some gunpowder, and some other stuff. When I wasfinally in I looked around, not as advanced as Einbroch, not by any means but they still had what I needed. Gunpowder.
“I’ll get this bag please.”
“2000 zeny please.”
It seemed a bit cheap for gunpowder.
“May I ask what is used?”
So he told me the ingredients, it was actually very simple, and much more powerful than the stuff used in Einbroch.
And with that I left the store.


And yes, the TO BE CONTINUED! is a poor excuse to not write any more of it.

At the moment not working on any fanfics takes priority.
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