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Direct copy and paste from guild forum. Enjoy, will post more later to show off.  ;D
GREAT MEMORIES from these screens though.


I will divide them in sections.

Section I - Random Screens
1: An aco is born! No one has ever seen me as an aco, and I didn't really know anyone until I was like level 70 or something... power leveled with a mage friend who quit after a few days lol.

2: My first ever unofficial wedding! And look, we already have 7 kids! For some reason they all have green hair, which is odd considering the parents have white and grey hair. o_o
(FYI, 5 of those green characters are shared between me and my friend, and the aco is a character of Rin who is at the back there smoking lol, he's my best friend from ygg :D. Zetsumei the knight is also a great friend of mine who has left long ago)

3: Christmas 2007! Oh man if I knew the server would end, I would've given santa suits to everyone in WW and we can all run around in pront one last time.

4: A not very epic screen of the Christmas event. There were portals that were spawned at random intervals and monsters will keep coming out of them. It's not all that epic until the MVP comes out... then it's a big orgy involving the whole server!

5: Example of why YGG isn't perfect - BUGGED MINI VALK! Sometimes she would become a pet and just follows me around, so I had to end its miserable life. lol. This was a known bug that was fixed eventually though. But here you see my rogue taking pokes at it. >>

6: Oh. So this is why I shouldn't mob the skegs. :< (FYI skegs are... very strong monsters that drops odin's blessings). But great risk comes great rewards!

7: Look who is transing. Yep I knew master.ten way back in our old guild. :P

8: Secret hiding place! No I didn't fall off the cliff. Really! D:

9: See that screen where Suicune posted of the Master Muka? Guess who killed it. :P
My first server event MVP, I think? And last too... :/

10: Ktulla was the hardest MVP we could ever dream of killing. But then Val found this nice lil trick, just hide a rogue and use another one to close confine it.. then it becomes rather useless :D. But then I figure it was too good to be true and most likely a bug, so I stopped killing it.

11: This time it's the real Valkyrie; the hardest MVP in the game outside of BIO3 and perhaps nameless island!

12: We probably had like... 10+ wipes. >> And in the end it took us around 6 hours (wtf!) to kill it. Easily the hardest, most frustrating mvp run we ever had. :P Nothing really dropped, but we discovered a HUGE bug which then was reported for a quick fix.

13: Taken when I left the server, and hence my old guild, during the summer this year. This is why I will always love my old guild. :D (yes master.ten is beside me hehe)

14: But a week later I decided to get on for a few minutes to hang out, and was bored enough to kill things on poring island. Well, guess what dropped? Why you do this YGG gods! Then I played with the card for a few days, left for the summer, and came back to the server a month or 2 ago.

15: A friend was dropping sunflower headgears in pront... but then somehow a manteau dropped! Guess what kind of manteau it is? Good thing I was there to pick it up... but she's not getting it back THIS easily!

In exchange I asked for a nude picture of her boyfriend Nanashi. Rather this is him or not... you be the judge. :P

16: Cowards hiding in a corner at thors!

17: Maybe hiding in the corner was a better choice afterall. :<

18: And finally, my only picture with some of our guild members. :P I think I misclick and took this screen lol, but this was during a WoE, the one which we were trying to pass through all the MVPs in the emp room.

*makes not to self*
- must be bothered to get my ygg folder off my ipod tomorrow to show screenies -

nice party name at the valk run.

looool i remember the nagase fairwell party in nocts, only for you to return and in whitehawks. some of our guildies were like "WHAT!? THAT BASTARD!!"

You really make me wish I didn't delete my screenshots.

I don't have any screen shots from RO at all. Not except for a few where I was fucking around with modding palettes and sprites on my Ygg client (which doesn't effect game play or give any advantages, was just re-familiarizing myself with the client for other reasons).


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