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To Suicune, with love.


Aww, Suicune, UMAD bro?  Oh right, I forgot you can't reply because I banned your ass for spamming, and trolling/being a dick.  Don't worry though, I did lift the ban just enough for you to read this, which you probably will.

Frankly, I don't really care if this forum is pretty much dead (in fact, I'm very well aware of it, which is why I more or less don't maintain this site anymore), I will no longer tolerate the bullshit.  I find it hilarious that so long as I let things slide, and ignored your ignorant behavior, you were cool with me.  But as soon as I said enough is enough and banned you, your reply (over MSN) was in a typical childish manner.

Tons of insults in ALL CAPS.

What are you, like 12?  Come on man, you could have at least tried to be original.  I guess I can't expect much from someone with the IQ of a grape though.  When it all comes down to it, all you are is just some random meaningless person on the internet.  A meaningless person who has been banned from yet another place.  Seems to be a running thing with you from what I hear.


That guy who banned your dumb ass.



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